A WHO Insider’s Perspective | David Bell

I met a remarkable figure in the field of global public health who has worked for the key organizations in the field. He has a PhD in malaria epidemiology and modeling of interventions, has lead the development and marketing of multiple infectious disease diagnostics and has published over 90 peer reviewed publications in the field. He has worked as an advisor to the WHO, Wellcome Trust and The Global Fund and the European Commission.

His name is David Bell. Having worked among various Gates organizations, he is a true insider of the global publish health complex.

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In this candid sit-down interview we discuss his perspectives on the Covid pandemic episode and we queried his analysis of what we truly experienced. The interview is in a window into the events of through the eyes of a seasoned public health expert.

He provides us with his interpretation an analysis of the confusing narratives we lived through…. the lockdowns, the rational for the global public health response. Did any of it make any sense? Was it in line with the public health and epidemiological literature?

Did the policies we lived under disproportionately harm the developing world?

Listening to his reasoning is helpful to better understand what happened and what is to come.

Listen to this global Public Health authority insider on the global policy’s we lived under during the largest event the world has ever collectively experienced.

No nonsense, just the straight honest truth. David Bell helps us see the BIG PICTURE.

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