Who Runs The Jungle? | Michael Yon | War Correspondent

Michael Yon is an interesting man. A former Green Baret, he spent over a decade aboard  turned war correspondent. He is an American, although he spent more most of his life outside of the United States. Three quarters of his life was downrange in more than 90 countries. Six years in Europe, five in the Middle East and 19 years throughout Asia. He visits the world’s most dangerous places and reports on issues you don’t find covered in the media. 

A colleague recommended I speak with him while I was producing the film NITROGEN 2000: The Dutch Farmers’ Struggle. I began speaking with him regularly and finally caught up with him in Las Vegas and we shot this interview in his hotel room overlooking the City of Sin. 

One of his focuses in recent years has been on the implosion of the agricultural and livestock sector. He bought every book he could find on famines and studied the issue intensely the last few years. He has observed that practically every government in the west is pursuing a dangerous policy of purposefully dismantling the agriculture and livestock sectors and bringing food production to a screeching halt. In each country this is occurring with slightly different measures and fallacious rationals, but the goal is the same. Obstruct food production. I believe this is a way of restructuring of the food industry. Michael Yon believes it is the preparation for a historical repeat on a broader level of the Holodomor that occurred in the 1930’s in Ukraine, where Stalin starved millions of Ukrainian farmers he labeled ‘Kulaks.’

The older Green Berets would often try to imbue a spirit of studying foreign cultures, foreign religions, cults and that sort of thing, because these are things that he would encounter in the course of their duties. The understanding of cult techniques are very important for everyone, Michael says, because we live in this world in we cannot escape cults, period. “The only cult you’ll never see is the cult you’re in. If you look around you, you’re either already in one or a lot of people around you are in some form of cult or another.”

The issue he is probably best known for reporting on today is the mass migration issue and has been reporting on the migration issue from the Darian Gap. He warns the demographic subversion of the United States of America is in full swing and these economic migrants eventually will be turned on the population, creating a contrived conflict of which no one is prepared for.

He has been bravely documenting the various forms of subversion the United States and Western Europe are been facing, from mass migration,  destructive economic policies, the implosion of energy sector via “green” policies, the squeezing of input materials for the agriculture sector and the conduct of the disastrous war in Ukraine.

You can follow his reporting on his twitter account https://twitter.com/michael_yon

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