CBDC: The End of Money

Central Bank Digital Currencies are being pushed worldwide by central banks and governments. Are we witnessing the natural evolution of money in the digital age, as many say, or does this innovation represent more of a system of controlling people rather than a new form of money? Does the public benefit from having their every transaction monitored? Is the innovation of "programmable money" a good thing?  If money transforms into a programmable indelible ledger, micromanaged by centralized institutions on the planet, can it truly be considered money? Please donate to the production of this important film. Running time is 45 minutes. Target: $85,000
Reached so far: $76,650

STOP IT! The Great Taking Film

This is the biggest financial crime story of not only our time but perhaps known world history. The biggest banks of the world have been using everyone's stocks and bond as collateral for literally quadrillions of US dollars of derivatives trades. This derivatives bubble is sure to bust once the 20 year economic bubble we are in pops! I am working with David Webb, author of The Great Taking, to produce a feature length documentary film about the subject of his book. Please support the production of this film to help expose and communicate the hard reality of this enormous threat to all the securities world wide. For the first time in history, humanity has the real prospect of overcoming divide-and-rule. This can be done by spreading awareness that we are all in this together, globally, all the way to the top of the system! This is not a "right" or "left" issue, but one of property rights, all of our property rights, to our own financial assets. This film will help people to see the BIG PICTURE!

Death By A Thousand Cuts: The Irish Farmers Struggle

Help us fund Death by 1000 Cuts, a documentary about the Irish farmers struggle. It's imperative this film gets out as soon as possible to raise awareness.
Target: $23,500
Reached so far: $7,350

Silent Infertility: A Documentary on Fertility & the Jabs

Women around the world are experiencing massive menstrual problems after taking the C vaccination. Massive hemoragin, premature menopaus, This is a huge story that many are afraid to tell. Big Picture heard of a group of women in France called Where is my Period and decided to produce a 30 minute piece to let their story be told. We interviewed Melodie, their lawyer, their expert gynecologist and filmed some of the testimonies of the brave women who got injured by the shot and choose to speak up to make sure it doesn't happen to other women. Target: $150,000
Reached so far: $18,923

Remembering America - a documentary

Small town America used to be considered the ideal of what it meant to be American. All but forgotten by the media, and underappreciated by the city dwellers, the backbone and beauty of our country lies in it's small towns and the culture and values they bring to life. Remembering America visits the towns and regions of the country once cherished as the core of what made the country what it is. The film lets the viewer Remember America for the wonderful qualities and values it has. The film is scored by talented musicians from various regions of the country that allow the viewer to appreciate the beauty charm of where they are from.

What Happened at School? A 90 minute Documentary

Fund What Happened at School a 90 minute film about the madness kids have faced at school these last three years. From masks, to testing, isolation, humiliation and gender dysphoria. This film tells the stories of kids who've had their childhoods robbed from them.
Target: $320,000
Reached so far: $74,002