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I took the time to visit Dr. Joseph Mercola, the internet’s biggest advocate for natural alternative health in the United States. He launched Mercola.com back in 1997, the same year as Google.com began.

Joseph Mercola is hands down the internet’s biggest advocate for a healthy lifestyle. As a trained osteopathic physician and an online business personality, he has been on the front lines advocating for natural health against the big pharmaceutical behemoths over the past 30 years.

During our intimate interview, we ask Dr. Mercola how he got to where he is today and what are his outlook on the world is in these tumultuous times.

Here is a brief summary of his interview:

First, Dr. Mercola provides some background on how Western medicine became so corrupt. He takes us back to the 1910 Flexner Report, which was commissioned by the Carnegie Foundation. It dramatically centralized medicine, promoted allopathic over homeopathic and other natural treatments, and resulted in the merging or closure of half of all the medical schools in the country. The large barons of the Gilded Age sought to control the practice of medicine. The same interests remain intact today, Mercola claims, noting that the Rockefellers and their allies own half of Big Pharma.

Has the practice of medicine improved under the control of these oligarchs? Not at all. In fact, death by medical intervention–what the industry calls ‘iatrogenic death’–is now one of the leading causes of death. Statistics vary, depending on how you calculate it, but, as a baseline, at least 250,000 people die every year in the United States because they sought treatment from doctors. Modern medicine’s many foibles led Dr. Mercola to embark on a journey into natural medicine, which he perceived to be a safe and effective way to help people.

But there are only so many patients a single doctor can see in one day. Dr. Mercola finally realized that he could reach many more people–millions as opposed to tens of thousands–by starting an online newsletter. He launched his website and news-letter just as the internet was exploding in popularity. Before long, Dr. Mercola’s wealth of information about health and natural supplements he sold on his site turned him into the world’s largest natural health advocate.

From the late 1980s through 2018, the internet was free and uncensored–a place where one could freely express opinions and offer factual information and advice. Suddenly, in 2018, tech companies began a massive crackdown on freedom. That year, the first wave of de-platformings took place. The first victim was Alex Jones, whose channels was kicked off YouTube. Two months later, Dr. Mercola got the boot from that social media giant as well. Next, accounts started to be shaddow banned–which barred major influencesr from reaching their followers. Whereas the majority of Mercola’s online traffic once came from the search engines, because serches showed accurate information, now zero visitors are led to his site by search engines.

Given his background in natural health, Dr. Mercola suspected, as soon as Covid struck, that it was a sham. He had long been warning his followers of unethicl practices within the vaccin industry. For instance, he pointed out to them that in all clinical trials, vaccines are never tested against a placebo, but only (and wrongly) against other vaccines. Moreover, knowing that vaccine development takes at least ten years, he feared that a rushed-to-market Covid vaccine would spell disaster, which indeed it did. In addition, he eyeed with suspicion the public health authorities’ penchant for continually changing the definition of “pandemic”, “case”, “death”, and “vaccine”.

Early in the course of the so-called pandemic, Dr. Mercola reached the conclusion that a depopulation agenda is at work. He is generous enough to suggest that those perpetrating the agenda may be viewing their actions as altruistic. They truly believe they are helping the world by ridding it of “excess” people.

Mercola predicts that total slavery will be our fate if Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are implemented. However, he thinks the plans of the global authoritarians–technocrats–will ultimately fail as long as the public refuses to go along.

He warns against the rise of synthetic food, which does not contain the building blocks of life and thus will inevitably push people towards chronic disease and premature death. He suggests we should look to ancestral diets–the foods that were eaten in a less-industrialized world.

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