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I stumbled across possibly the largest financial crime story in history. A global scheme to seize all the world’s securities in a financial collapse. This scheme is made possible by the fact that everyones stocks and bonds have been secretly used as collateral on financial contracts called derivatives, not once but ten times over. This surreptitious use of the client assets collateral enabled the creation of a financial bubble the likes of which the world has never seen.

This has been done without anyone’s permission and without paying anyone a fee for the use of your stocks as collateral on other people’s trades.

This story was uncovered by a man named David Rogers Webb. We met in Sweden last fall. As a former investment banker and hedge fund manager, David Webb is a true financial insider. His truth seeking spirit, combined with personal integrity (two qualities quiet rare on Wall Street) resulted in David discovering the legal mechanisms put in place to allow the Too Big Too Fail Banks originating derivatives contracts, to have priority to your stocks ahead of you in the bankruptcy hearing during the event of a system wide collapse. David Webb calls this “The Great Taking.”

This fraud must be understood and undone to avoid a financial catastrophe.

Fortunately there is something that can be done about this.

This interview was conducted when David and I first met last fall and covers the basics of his findings.

This interview is apart of a documentary on the efforts to stop the Great Taking titled STOP IT!

Since the 1980s, all financial securities, stocks and bonds have being secretly used on an industrial level by the financial sector as collateral in derivatives trades. All securities everyone owns are being legally encumbered, putting them at risk of being lost during the next market downturn. This is all being done without the knowledge and consent of the clients. In the 1990s this fraud was “legalized” by the 1994 revision of article 8 of the UCC in the United States and this was later harmonized into law in EU countries between 2005 and 2014.

A new legal construction was created in this 1994 UCC revision called a “securities entitlement.” So instead of outright owning stocks, now we are just a contractual claimant upon securities called a “securities entitlement holders.” And the Too Big To Fail Banks that utilize our securities as collateral on derivatives contracts are considered “secured creditors” to our securities. The significance of this is that in the event of a bankruptcy of the derivatives market in a systemic collapse, secured creditors have priority to the securities ahead of the entitlement holders and receive only a pro-rata share of what is left over.

This legal president was set in the wake of the 2007 Lehman Borthers collapse. To Big To Fail Banks were described in that case as a “protected class.”

David Rogers Webb has uncovered the legal structures put in place to achieve the goal of “owning nothing and being happy.”

In response to his book, efforts are underway in states throughout the United States to correct the problem by striking problematic lines of the 1994 UCC revision.

I saw David speak in person and was shocked by what David was revealed and I approached him to make a documentary on the subject. So we embarked on the film to document the issue and the efforts to STOP the Great Taking.

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STOP IT! The Great Taking Film, is a documentary and interview series about the book by David Rogers Webb, The Great Taking and the efforts underway to STOP IT.


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