Who Controls the World? | Jean Lassalle

In this interview we spoke with Jean Lassalle, former presidential candidate three times and member of the French National Assembly three terms for 15 years. The interview was conducted in his little village of Lourdois-Ichère, in the Pyrenees mountains in southern western France.

We ask him…. Who Really Controls the World?
He asks if there still exists a country in the world that is still sovereign.

He describes our world being transformed by fictionalization and control. We are managed by the big hands that own the banks, media and political landscape.

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“But I wonder you see, if there is a sovereign country still in the world?”

This clip is the first of three parts. In this section we ask him about his vaccine injury. What did he experience and what did he go through as a result of taking the jab?

“’plutocracy’, which has taken hold around the world.”

Listen to his answer. He is in a position to know!

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