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Having met and been impressed by Gail MacCrae at a number of conferences, I decided to interview her. She was a nurse in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the entire COVID episode. I had heard horror stories of relatives not being able to see their loved ones, of deaths caused by the treatment protocols, and, finally, deaths caused by the injections people were pressured into taking just to make it all stop. My interview with Gail dives deep into these issues.

What went on in the hospitals during the so-called pandemic is a huge story. Many witnessed the hospitals’ horror stories, but few have had the courage to talk about it. Because Gail is so refreshingly candid and forthcoming and doesn’t pull any punches about what she saw, I found my interview with her to be one of the most compelling I’ve done to date.

Gail describes how patients were systematically offered a drug named Remdesivir, a drug owned by Gilead Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company with close ties to Bill Gates. Remdesivir was made the “standard of care” by Anthony Fauci for COVID-19.

As Gail recounts, Remdesivir caused patients’ lungs to fill with liquid. Once that occurred, the oxygen levels of the patients dropped, precipitating intubation—a procedure well known for its low survival rate. All the while, hospitals were rewarded for harming patients and ultimately for causing their deaths, Gail reveals.

Why were family members not allowed to see loved ones on their deathbeds?

Why were hospitals being financially rewarded for harming and killing patients?

Why were injuries from the “vaccines” being brushed under the rug and not reported within the medical field?

In this emotional and fact-packed interview, we hear the true story straight from a nurse who lived through it.

Meet nurse Gail MacCrae.

James Patrick

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