INFERTILITY: A Diabolical Agenda

This is the documentary shot in Kenya about the WHO Tetanus campaign in 2014 where a neonatal tetanus campaign suspiciously target only birthing age women between 15 and 45 years old (when tetanus is more commonly found in men). It was discoved that the campaign was surreptitiously vaccinating them with fertility regulating tetanus vaccines in 40 and 50% of the shots, to avoid being totally obvious about it.

Here is a promo video WHO released about the campaign:

A Kenyan Catholic doctor became suspicious and tested some of the vials and found bHCG. This matched know Fertility Regulating Vaccines. He raised a fuss and a joint government, Kenyan Catholic Church commission was formed to investigate the matter. They found HCG in just below 50% of the tetanus shots.

Not revealed in the film is that estrogens were found in the Polio shots. The analysis report can be found below. The HPV shots were next to be examined, but the doctors licenses were investigated, their mouths were gagged and a media coverup ensued and the committee was shut down.

Original documents of the case are now made publicly available here:

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Paper outlining the case:

Laboratory analysis of the Tetanus shot commissioned by the government commission:

Laboratory analysis of the Polio shot commissioned by the government commission:

UN document outlining Fertility Regulating Vaccines:

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