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I visited Martin Armstrong at his office in Florida to find out more about his story. Martin is a very colorful and interesting person who started his career working in a little gold shop in New Jersey and rose to be the world’s largest financial advisor, specializing in currency markets. He developed models to predict cycles in the market and was able to predict crashes in world markets better than anyone in history. 


Because of his honesty and renown, Martin made powerful enemies. As a consequence, when he refused to mislead his clients, engage in corruption with big market players and share his computer algorithms with them, a federal judge demanded he hand over the computer algorithms for predicting markets. When Martin didn't comply, he was imprisoned on trumped-up charges for 11 years. Seven of those years were for contempt of court - though the law states a judge isn't permitted to detain a defendant on that charge for more than 18 months. Finally he was let out, and the judge who tormented him was granted a seat on the board of Goldman Sachs. 

Martin is a serious financial mind, and I simply love listening to his frank truth-telling and his honest opinion of all the madness going on in our world now.


In this interview he discusses his views on current events from COVID to Ukraine, as well as his perspective on how we could reform our taxation system, which, in its current form, is essentially economic slavery. He also discusses the origin of cryptocurrencies and his belief that they are a scam designed to usher in the cashless society we all know is a dark objective of the central bankers.

Martin takes time to describe just how his financial algorithms predict markets and how the recurring theme of eight year cycle of booms and busts works. You'll want to find out from him what is in store for us in the near term and the intermediate future. 

We end the interview with Martin giving us his straight-shooting prediction on whether the bad guys will win--that is, whether their evil plans will work.

This man is a refreshing voice of reason in an insane world. I find his sentiments so close to my own that it’s a joy to learn more from his wide-ranging experiences. 



James Patrick


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