STOP IT! The Great Taking Film

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This is the biggest financial crime story of not only our time but perhaps known world history.

The biggest banks of the world have been using everyone’s stocks and bond as collateral for literally quadrillions of US dollars of derivatives trades. This derivatives bubble is sure to bust once the 20 year economic bubble we are in pops!

I am working with David Webb, author of The Great Taking, to produce a feature length documentary film about the subject of his book.

Please support the production of this film to help expose and communicate the hard reality of this enormous threat to all the securities world wide. For the first time in history, humanity has the real prospect of overcoming divide-and-rule. This can be done by spreading awareness that we are all in this together, globally, all the way to the top of the system!

This is not a “right” or “left” issue, but one of property rights, all of our property rights, to our own financial assets.

This film will help people to see the BIG PICTURE!


Recommended $50.00




Stop It! The Great Taking Film, is a documentary under production about the findings of the book by David Rogers Webb, The Great Taking and the efforts underway to STOP IT, and let us keep our hard earned savings.

Since the 1980s, all financial securities, stocks and bonds have being secretly used by the financial sector as collateral to in derivatives trades. This is encumbering these assets and putting them at risk without the knowledge and consent of the owners of these assets. In the United States, the Uniform Commercial Code was revised between 1994-1998 to ‘legalize’ this fraud of using the client assets as collateral in derivative trades.

Efforts are underway to combat this on the local level in the United States, to correct the UCC code and protect property rights. The film documents the efforts of state legislators in South Dakota and Tennessee to STOP the Great Taking.

Please donate to the production of this film. Thank you