Who is Behind this? | Jean Lassalle

This is the second part of a three part interview with Jean Lassalle, we ask him if France is still sovereign, what is happening with Europe and who is really controling the world?

As a former French presidential candidate and 15-year-member of France’s National Assembly, he is in a position to know. Angry ove rhis vaccine injury and willing to talk, this honest and ernest man tells us everything he knows about who is really behind the curtain!

This interview took place in his little village of Lourdios-Ichère, in the Pyrennes Mountains in southwest France.


Known for his candid, talkative personal character, he opened up with us in a way not seen in previous interviews.

“I had so much pain in my chest, my chest was exploding”

This clip is the first installment in a three-part series. In this portion, we ask him about his vaccine injury. What did he experience and what did he go through as a result of taking the jab?

“I would estimate that 30% of the deputies have not been vaccinated… and the President of the Republic who was not either, [….] he pretended to be”

Listen to his answer. He is in a position to know!

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