Show Me the Data | Ivor Cummins

I ran into Ivor Cummins at a COVID conference in Fatima, Portugal, last fall. A biomedical engineer by trade, he has turned himself into a remarkable analyst of data.

What prompted Ivor’s evolution? Over a decade ago, he went to the doctor and got such horrible laboratory results, he was inspired to look more critically at the medical system. Upon doing deep research, he discovered a lot of myths being promoted by the medical establishment. He soon became an advocate for true health and received the needed financial backing that has enabled him to lead a major communications effort designed to enlighten the public.

When COVID-19 hit, Ivor became an instant “truth teller.” He began providing the public with critical analyses of public health data. I came across his work in 2020, when he released a video explaining that we had a “casedemic,” not a pandemic. Governments were scaring the pants off citizens by cleverly conflating “cases” with actual sick persons. 

In this personal interview I delve into the man behind the data analysis and uncover his perspective on the Bigger Picture we’re facing.


James Patrick

Download the interview here

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