End Central Banking Power | G. Edward Griffin & David Webb discussion

Last October, I met David Rogers Webb, who wrote the book, The Great Taking. We are working together to further expose the mechanics behind The Great Taking, and, importantly, to document efforts now underway to stop it.

Our first journey was to visit with G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, who suggested that this documentary be called Stop It!

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I filmed a long discussion between Webb and  Griffin on the mind boggling power and control of the privately held central banks. The question of whether this power is being used for benevolent or malevolent purposes was taken head-on.

The discussion will be available to view at BigPicture.watch this Wednesday April 10th.

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David Rogers Webb is a former investment banker and hedge fund manager who studied the mechanisms by which the Federal Reserve manipulated financial markets through the Dot-com bubble and bust. Then, early in the Great Financial Crisis of 2008/2009, he became alarmed when client accounts were encumbered in the bankruptcy of a small broker dealer. He then discovered that legal changes had been made quietly which sever property rights to securities.

G. Edward Griffin is a thoughtful writer, documentary filmmaker and tireless advocate of American values, individual responsibility and human freedom. Griffin wrote the landmark book on the Federal reserve titled The Creature from Jekyll Island.

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