What Happened at School? A 90 minute Documentary

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Fund What Happened at School a 90 minute film about the madness kids have faced at school these last three years. From masks, to testing, isolation, humiliation and gender dysphoria. This film tells the stories of kids who’ve had their childhoods robbed from them.

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Fund the full length documentary, What Happened at School?

What is happening at schools? is a question that many parents asked with the advent of unprecedented measures taken against children in schools to mitigate Covid-19. But the story goes back further and extends into the future in directions one wouldn’t imagine. School has been for two centuries been more focused on social conditioning, training the child to work within the system, rather than the raising of the child’s consciousness and knowledge to understand the world they live in.

What Happened At School? tells the story of how we got here and where this might be headed, through the eyes of brave individuals that fought for the health and safety of children against all odds. The film gives some background on the origins of modern education, shows how the establish techniques of control used were dramatically amplified under the cloud of Covid-19 as well as the current push to redefine or alter the most own core sense of one’s identity, their sexuality, albiet to children in a school setting.

Through the eyes of mothers who fought for their children, children who suffered under the lockdowns, journalists digging into who is behind the current mess we face, the story of what is truly happening at schools is told and what are the solutions for our future generations.