What Happened at School? A 90 minute Documentary

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Fund What Happened at School a 90 minute film about the madness kids have faced at school these last three years. From masks, to testing, isolation, humiliation and gender dysphoria. This film tells the stories of kids who’ve had their childhoods robbed from them.

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Fund the full length documentary, What Happened at School?

“What happened at school?” is a question that many parents are asking. With the advent of unprecedented measures taken against children in schools to mitigate Covid-19, the question has been thrust into the forefront. Isolation, alienation, humiliation and now a hardened confusion has set in unlike any period in history.

But the story has deeper roots than one might expect. Educational reform over the last two centuries has gradually declined the level of thinking and made out children more conformist and regimented. Most of modern schooling could be better characterized as a system of social engineering to obey than to critically think. Most parents believe they send their kids to school to better prepare them for a successful future out in the real world. But in fact it is preparing them for a dismal future that is not in their best interests.

The film “What Happened At School?” takes the viewer through this story through the eyes of children and what they are facing.

Broken into three Acts, this film will seve as an educational tool for parts and concerned citizens to protect the most vulnerable in our society. We need to allow children to have a peaceful healthy childhood free of confusion and manipulation. Let kids be kids and grow up and develop into who they are and wish to be.