Silent Infertility: A Documentary on Fertility & the Jabs

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Women around the world are experiencing massive menstrual problems after taking the C vaccination. Massive hemoragin, premature menopaus, This is a huge story that many are afraid to tell. Big Picture heard of a group of women in France called Where is my Period and decided to produce a 30 minute piece to let their story be told. We interviewed Melodie, their lawyer, their expert gynecologist and filmed some of the testimonies of the brave women who got injured by the shot and choose to speak up to make sure it doesn’t happen to other women.

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A cabinetmaker/woodworker in France, Melodie, took the vaccine and shortly thereafter experienced severe menstrual problems. Hemorrhaging blood she went to the doctor and was told she was imagining it. Feeling abandoned and confused, she made a Instagram account to see if other women were experiencing the same thing. To her surprise, she was inundated with thousands of testimonies of other women going through the same thing.

The film interviews women in the US and France who were forced by their work to take the vaccine or be fired and ended up with severe damage to their reproductive organs Feeling deceived and full of regret, this film captures what these women went through.

Complimented by the testimonies of gynecologists on both sides of the Atlantic, they recount watching their patient’s birthrates plummet following the roll out of the jab.

The film examines the history of Fertility Regulating Vaccines which the WHO itself developed in the 1970s using the tetanus shot as a platform to have an anti-fertility effect. Four decades later the WHO was caught red handed surreptitiously deploying them in Kenya. We discovered that back in 2014, the WHO was caught red handed in Kenya deploying anti-fertility versions of the tetanus jabs surreptitiously. Kenyan Catholic doctors became suspicious when the WHO campaign was only targeting women between 15 and 45 (birthing age) for neonatal tetanus which pregnant women were already being vaccinated against.

Both the global Covid vaccine campaign and the 2013/2014 Kenya tetanus campaigns had the same manufacturer (Serum Institute of India), financiers (Gates Foundation & GAVI) and distributors (WHO). So we went to Kenya to document the story and what we found was frightening. Not only was HCG found in half the vials of the WHO tetanus campaign, but half the polio vaccines deployed by the WHO also contained estrogens. The presence of estrogen has a feminizing effect on men and throws off the cycle of women.

Finally the film delves into the legal framework within which the global mass vaccination campaign against covid was deployed. Why the use of the military for a vaccine against a novel flu? Why all the secrecy around the contents of the vials? Why are the vials not able to be analyzed if there is truly nothing to hide?

What are some of the explanations for the side effects women are experiencing? We speak to Robert Malone, Peter McCullough and Ryan Cole to better understand these issues.

This is the hardest hitting film and inquiry into this important issue of what is happening to women’s fertility over the Covid vaccine and other vaccines pushed by the WHO.

Please contribute to get this film produced and raise awareness on this important issue. Let the voice of women be heard.