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While in Paris I scheduled a moment to speak with Xavier Azalbert, the executive director of the French newspaper France-Soir. The paper was started by members of the French resistance just after WWII. In 2012 the paper went belly-up, as have so many now-defunct papers over the last few decades. Xavier was instrumental in acquiring the paper in 2016 and has since refashioned it into a high-quality competitive alternative to today's declining mainstream media.

I asked Xavier about his media operationspecifically about his goal of bringing higher-quality news to the public. In his reply he ended up providing me with an in-depth analysis of the media marketplace. He talked about how propaganda is fed to us, how news is twisted to serve special interests, and what we can expect from the news industry in the future.

Xavier is an interesting and highly intellectual individual. He also is one of directors at Bon Sens, a French non-profit with over 30,000 members and a significant institutional presence in the French political landscape.

Other topics we talked about: the bias that mainstream media exerts on the public, the interest that intelligence agencies have in the media market and the influence these agencies bring to bear on the industry. 

If you want to better understand the media industry today, you'll want to listen Xavier's observations to better understand the role of the media in today's topsy-turvy world.


James Patrick

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