Silent Infertility

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Women around the world are experiencing massive menstrual problem after taking the vaccination. This is a huge story that many are afraid to tell. Big Picture heard of a group of women in France called Where is my Period and decided to produce a 30 minute piece to let their story be told. We interviewed Melodie, their lawyer, their expert gynecologist and filmed some of the testimonies of the brave women who got injured by the shot and choose to speak up to make sure it doesn’t happen to others

Target: $21,250
Reached so far: $6,835





A cabinetmaker/woodworker in France, Melodie, took the vaccine and shortly thereafter experiences dramatic menstrual problems. She made a Instagram account to see if other women were experiencing the same things and to her surprise was inundated with 7500 testimonies of women.

We were in France on another project when we heard of the story and immediately got in contact with Melodie. We interview several flight attendants for a major airline who were forced to be jabbed for their work and suffered severe damage to their reproductive system. We found gynecologists in the United States and France who have been treating women suffering from the same symptoms.

We decided to produce a 30 minute piece to let the women who have suffered let their stories be told, to make sure it doesn’t happen to others.

This ad-hoc group of concerned and injured women have become national headlines and thrust into the spotlight. What is happening to the women? What is happening to our future?

Please contribute to get this film produced and raise awareness on this important issue. Let the voice of women be heard.